Disinfectant with Residual Anti-Microbial Barrier

  • Unique molecular bonding technology
  • Long lasting continual protection
  • Minimizes cross-contamination
  • Alcohol-Free & Non-Corrosive
  • Kills 99.999% microbes

Key Areas Of Use

To be used after basic cleaning to disinfect all hard floors and surfaces. e.g. treatment rooms, common areas, toilets, showers, swimming pool surrounds, sports equipment, , air conditioning filters, external furniture, all fabrics, kitchens, bathrooms, gyms & reception desks.

Just one application offers 14 days continual protection.

Unlike most disinfectant which commonly use chlorine as their active ingredient, Goldshield uses a water-stabilised organosilane formula. Typical disinfectants or inhibitors used in hospitals generally provide no more than ten minutes of residual protection.

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