Good Morning Britain presenters test how dirty their handbags are


According to research, many women’s handbags are actually dirtier than the average loo, with 90% of purses containing bacteria contamination too.

Researchers say that they’re so susceptible to bacteria because we take them to the bathroom, chuck them down on the floor, in the kitchen – and the majority of us rarely take so much as an anti-bacterial wipe to them, with just 2% cleaning them once a month.

Highlighting the issue on Good Morning Britain this morning, Luke Rutterford, bug expert from Initial Washroom Hygiene, visited the studios to see just how clean – or dirty – the personal handbags of the presenters were.

“I’m going to take a swab from both of your bags and that’s going to give me an indication of how much organic contamination is on both of them,” explained Luke to Kate Garraway and Charlotte Hawkins.

“I’ll be interested to see which one of these is actually the filthiest. They both don’t look too bad on the surface but it’s often the bacteria and the organics that you can’t see that hold the germs.”

And in terms of what is an acceptable reading, he commented: “Anything under 200 is probably acceptable.

“Anything between 200 and 500 is due a clean. And anything over 500 is obscene and needs urgent attention!”

Resident Dr Hilary Jones explained the risks we face for not cleaning our handbags.

“Our hands transmit germs to the inside of handbags. You put your handbag down at the till at the shop, and hundreds of other hands and handbags have been on there.

“E-coli, norovirus, flu virus, food poisoning, skin abcesses, wounded infections – you name it, they’re always a potential threat.”

So who came out with the cleanest bag and whose needs a good clean? While one bag registered a level of 385, worryingly the other scored more than 1,000.

Watch the clip to see which presenter’s bag was the dirtiest – Kate or Charlotte’s.

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