Goldshield Launch at The Future of Infection Prevention and Control Conference


This month Goldshield Technology launched their unique range of products at the ‘Future of infection prevention control’ held at Salford University.

The event was also attended by the Company founder of Goldshield Tom Higgins who had travelled over from the United States to attend the event.

Mark Phelps, Head microbiologist (Pictured above) was one of the head speakers at the event which was a complete success for Goldshield who received hundreds of enquiries regarding the technology from both private and public sectors.

The event also saw the launch of ‘Sporicidal Plus’ which was launched through the NHS distributor Fanin

Goldshield were overwhelmed with the vast amount of enquires they received and the support from businesses who are realising the full importance of the measurements that need to be taken to protect the health of their employees

Derek Butler, Chair, MRSA Action Charity was also a speaker at the event and gave a rousing and emotional story about the real effect of Hospital acquired MRSA and how it affected both himself personally and the tens of thousands of people across the UK, both old and young and that we should be doing everything in our power to help prevent the spread of these possibly fatal infections.

Dr Stephanie Thomas – (Consulatant Microbiologist, University Hospital of South Manchester) also gave a interesting speech on the dangers that hospitals face from infection which was extremely enlightening, she also highlighted the difficult job that doctors have when prescribing antibiotics with the rise of drug resistant infections and diseases as well as the arduous task of quarantining patients and wards that have suffered outbreaks. She has also invited resident microbiologist Mark Phelps to visit and discuss these issues faced by hers and other hospitals and across the UK.