“Camel Virus” Closes 900 Schools in South Korea

Already this year “ Norovirus” has caused hundreds of children to miss School with dozens completely closing as a desperate measure to prevent further casualties from the highly contagious sickness bug. With over 90% of bacteria being spread by touch alone, it has never been more vital to protect our children against what seems to be a never ending new line of evolving bacteria forming viruses.

Studies have shown general cleaning alone does not kill harmful microbes such as the ‘Norovirus’ and with a reported 5,000 microbes being spread by hand touch alone the levels of germs in our children’s schools is extremely worrying with the average child touching in excess of 30 objects and surfaces in under a minute the need to stop the pathogenic spread in a child’s school or nursery has never been more critical, only one of these microbes would need to contain the ‘Norovius’ or ‘Camel Flu’ microbe that could potentially cause the risk of infection to multiply drastically.

Viruses are spread by touch, they then enter us normally orally (Via mouths) on average we touch the area around our mouths between 2,000 – 3,000 times a day.

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